Saturday, 3 August 2013

summer camp - day five

on the last day we got out our brand new shiny sewing machines! the children made a tote bag. whilst they were waiting for their turns on the machines, they made some very cool and original lavender pillows!!

we have had such an amazing week and would like to thank all the children who attended, their parents and our two gorgeous helpers! have a great summer and see you in September!! x

summer camp 2013 - day four

on day four we did tye dye and macrame! this is always the most exciting day for us at summer camp as once we have put the bags into the dyes, we can't wait to see the results! we also had a go at making some tea lights out of old jam jars and macrame holders.

summer camp 2013 - day three

on day the third day we did drawing, painting and printing! we started with charcoal and ink, then went onto using watercolour. in the afternoon the children made their own stamps using foam and we had great fun printing!

summer camp 2103 - day two

on the second day we did felting! the children had a great time making felt flowers, making friendship bracelets and jewellery.