Thursday, 18 February 2010

orange crochet rings

beautiful autumn inspired colours, whilst the gold adds a bit of sparkle.

tilleke schwarz

we went to see an exhibition called Beware of Embroidery at PM Gallery and House in ealing. it included the work of Tilleke Schwarz. we really love her work. the embroidery was amazing! the mixture of words and images was inspiring. so if you are in ealing, it's worth going to see it (and it's free!!)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

our feathered friends

got a bit of an obsession with birds. just getting around the photographing all the bird cards . . . here is one just to whet your appetitie

cupcakes . . . mmmmm

we were asked to make a card for a friends 30th . . . so thought cupcakes were in order. we do love our tea and cupcakes . . . mmmm. just can't get enough of them! so as you can imagine, got a bit carried away with the card making. here are just a few of what was done last night. (oh and that is my arun in the background there - always being helpful!)

valentines day cards

what a busy time for making cards. . . and after all that making, i didn't even get one (hint hint!!!)