Thursday, 4 February 2010

ying ying brooch

and finally for today . . . just finished making this cute brooch, which we have named 'ying ying' (after a friend of a friend!!) she will of course have 'sisters' of her very own, which we're working on as i type! (do you recognise her in our logo - she is a bit of a legend for us . . .)

crochet rings

a beautiful necklace made up of various shades of pink wool, crocheted around metal rings.

we have also made it in shades of grey, to be worn as a long necklace (my personal favourite).

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

valentines day

just getting ready for valentines day . . .

crochet necklace

just finished making this gorgeous grey crochet necklace finished off with vintage buttons. I want one keep this one!! However we are getting ready for a sale on Thursday 11th Feb and have been busy making LOADS of new pieces . . . what fun!!