Wednesday, 3 March 2010

thought for today

i was just thinking today as i was having breakfast that 'my sisters and me' is not only about my actual sisters. it is also about womanhood too . we are lucky enough to be surrounded by women who form our extended support network - from the mums at the school gates, those who work alongside us, to those who buy our pieces - it's all about you too. i don't want to sound like i'm on the soapbox, but this morning i'm feeling a renewed sense of joy about my SISTERS (perhaps it's because the sun is shining . . .)

my sister sent me this great quote from deepak chopra seven spiritual laws to success so i thought I would share it with everyone else too because it's lovely . . .

'the more you give, the more you will receive, because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life'

oh and the photo was taken in st ives, cornwall - they remind me of my sisters everywhere!